Wednesday, March 07, 2007

There's still time to party at the The Ultimate Blog Party

I love parties! Don't you? I mean, who doesn't like to visit and laugh and eat and have fun?

But as usual, I'm late to the party. (It began March 2 and continues until March 9.) I like to think of it as being fashionably late. But I'm still welcome! As are you! Click on the Ultimate Blog Party button to the right to find out what this party stuff is all about.

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that my name is Sharon and that I love, love, love to sew.

I'm also a mom. In fact, I was a single mom from the time my babies were 1 and 2, until after the youngest graduated from high school. I sure would have loved an online community of other moms to connect with when I was raising my two.

My daughter and son are both adults and living on their own (but still close enough for lots of family visits), and I married my high school sweetheart almost nine years ago. Guess I should have married him the first time he asked - but that's another story.

When I'm not sewing I have lots of other creative endeavors - scrapbooking, stamping, face painting and cooking are a few of them - but the one people seem to be the most fascinated by is clowning.

I graduated (along with my dad, Knufie the Clown) from Christ Clown College in 2005. We spent 60 hours learning about clown ministry and practicing mime, balloon animals, juggling and acting silly. I really, really, really excelled at acting silly.

I thought I wanted to be a whiteface (pictured above) but my inner clown said "no, you are an auguste!"

So Princess DD (Dizzy Dazy) was born. She's eight years old and the back of her gown is caught in the waistband of her bloomers and she skips a lot and flirts with twelve year old boys who get red in the face when she talks to them and she likes to make balloon animals. Little girls love her and are fascinated that she is a princess with pink hair.

Well, that's a little bit about me. I'll be visiting many bloggers that are hosting their own parties to learn a bit about them. Maybe there's another clown out there somewhere.... Pin It


  1. Clowns!! Well YOU definitely know how to party!!

    So glad you could make it . . . even if you are a little late :-)

  2. Nice to meet you Princess DD (Dizzy Dazy)! You have certainly added to the festivities! :) Keep up the good work and keep 'em smilin'!
    Blessings, CarroTop Rainbo
    FESTIVO! Creative Ministry

  3. I was a Clown for Christ in college. I loved it!

  4. I wish I wish I wish I wish I wish that there was a Christian clowning school over here!

  5. It is nice to meet you, love the picture. I love your blog it is very nice.


  6. Love the clown pictures!That looks like so much fun =)
    Glad you were able to reconnect with your high school sweetheart ... the whole story does sound very interesting. Maybe next time I come back you'll sure it =)



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