Monday, March 05, 2007

Simplicity 3877 Dress

About a month ago, I decided my next dress was going to be the Kwik-Sew 3489 wrap dress. And it was. The wrap dress is completed and tossed into the back of my closet because I dislike it very much. It just doesn't fit me properly, so I need time to think about how to selvage it as I really liked the knit fabric.

In the meantime, I switched gears and decided to sew a spring dress from a woven fabric. I originally purchased this red/black floral print to use for Simplicity 4171. Instead I choose to use the fabric to try out a dress from Simplicity 3877.

I sewed view D (the pink one) only because I didn't have enough fabric for the faux-wrap, khaki colored one.

This is an easy pattern to sew. The front bodice has princess seams, the back bodice is cut on the fold of the fabric and is shaped with darts.

The skirt consists of eight panels each with a godet.

The zipper is located in the side seam. I choose to insert an invisible zipper. I think it gives the dress a cleaner line.

The full review can be read at PatternReview.

Too bad I didn't save the I used for Vogue 8315 for this pattern as I am having fit issues with the Vogue pattern.

I guess I will follow Erin's advice at A Dress A Day, and buy more fabric, even though the stash is overflowing. Because, as she states "You never have enough fabric." Pin It


  1. Your dress is gorgeous! Thank you for your detailed review!
    I'm sorry for the other dress, sometimes it happens... Hopefully you'll find a way to salvage it.

  2. very cute, I was just about to get the pattern to make this dress,, this weekend

  3. Your new dress looks great on you - I love that floral print... it's so nice and summery! I loved Erin's post yesterday, I even sent it to my husband so he might understand my love of fabric better (and that it's not just me) - he sent me back the Wikipedia definition for 'addiction' LOL!

  4. LOL!!! I see a LOT of people falling off the fabric wagon with that post! :)

    Your dress is lovely!

  5. Sharon - you are all ready for spring in that great dress! Love the print! And as for the fabric thing...well y'know I understand...I would probably follow you over the cliff it was a great piece for a great price! *LOL*

  6. Welcome to the party!

  7. Welcome to the party! I like the dress. I've wanted to learn how to sew for years! I have a machine, but just can't seem to figure it out on my own.

  8. Sharon - Love the new dress! I looks so comfortable and springy - great qualities in a dress!! Enjoy it and thanks for the comments on my blog - g

  9. Gorgeous dress! I love the fabric!

  10. welcome to the party... wow, I wish I could sew!



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