Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sewing? What's That?

I just "borrowed" the title of this post from The Seam Ripper (sorry Amy!) because it fits my life at the moment.

I work, work, work (at frantic pace) and then come home and run, run, run (at frantic pace) and fall into bed, get some sleep, only to wake up and begin all over again.

I haven't even looked at my sewing space in over a week - which is a long time for me. Even when I don't have time to sew I manage to sneak into the room just to peek at a sewing book, or a pattern, or to think about what my next project is going to be.

But today it hit me how good I do have it, even when I'm feeling overwhelmed with work and life.

I participated in a job fair today - representing my company. Which means I was one of the employed talking to hundreds of unemployed people who attended the job fair looking for job leads. Many were looking to change careers and most of the time it wasn't because they choose to, it's because the company they had worked for "restructured". (Been there, done that.)

It made be pause and realize how fortunate I am.

Yes, I'm incredibly overloaded at work, but I'm thankful I have a job. Not just a job, but one that I enjoy, and one with people I enjoy being around.

Yes, I'm incredibly busy after work, but not because I need to work two jobs to put food on the table for my family. (Been there, done that.) I'm thankful that I have friends to visit and a small group for Bible study and opportunities to attend fun meetings (like Clown meetings!) and time to volunteer on fun projects (like planning parades).

The meeting I had scheduled for this evening was canceled at the last minute. Which means I had some free time to catch my breath - AND time to visit the sewing room.

And that's where I'm headed to! Pin It

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  1. Sharon: you have been busy doing wonderful and productive things and contributing to society. Even if your post is not about a certain sewing project you always inspire me and your blog is so sophisticated.

    Sometimes life gets in the way of sewing doesn't it?

    Lauren got through the first round of the audition which was singing. Then the director lined everyone up and about 20 girls all about her same height were sent home. I think my life will be easier since she did not get the part as the production runs through September and is a 35 minute drive from home.

    Sewing I come...or should I clean the house first? nah



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