Sunday, March 11, 2007

Kwik Sew 3489 Update

I wrapped up the sewing on the Kwik Sew 3489 wrap dress a few weeks ago. And promptly tossed it into the back of the closet after trying it on.

It was so "blah". Not the fabric - I still like that. It was the shape of the dress. The waistline is rather large and unshapely. Not what I anticipated and not at all like the gorgeous version that Erica completed recently!

One side of the dress wraps underneath the other and ties at the side seam at the waistline.

The other side ties at the side waistline. No matter what, I can not get a tight fit at the waist.

I need to take the dress apart, re cut and then resew the waistline. I have almost five inches pinched out to get the tighter fit I was looking for.

Perhaps I should have stayed with my TNT wrap dress - Simplicity 9482.

After I redo this Kwik Sew dress I'll report back which I prefer and why. Pin It


  1. Wow! I really like the shape of the Simplicity pattern in comparison. I can't believe how much you could pinch out of the KS! Thanks for the heads up on the ease of this dress.

  2. Sharon - love the fabric used for the KS version - but Simplicity version seams to have more shape! Can't wait to hear what you figure out! g



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