Monday, February 19, 2007

So what happened to my long weekend filled with sewing?

Can it really be Monday evening already? It seems as if it was just Friday evening. My darling hubby was on the bus with the ski club on his way to enjoy three days of nothing but downhill skiing. I was gearing up to spend three glorious days in my sewing room only coming out to feed the dog (and myself of course.)

But now I realize it is Monday evening and do you know how much sewing I completed? None, naught, nada, zilch, zero, nothing! And it wasn't as if I was sitting around eating chocolates while watching the television. (Because I don't watch television while eating chocolates...I read a good book!)

So, where did my time go?
  • Knit Out 2007 at the Mall of America on Saturday. My girlfriend, her daughter, my daughter and I all spent time standing in lines to get our free stuff. After a hour or so my daughter and I went off on our own. We enjoyed lunch together and then she did a little spring shopping. She is in love with the new spring dress styles.

  • Saturday night - the boring stuff needed to be done. Cleaning, washing clothes, paying bills.

  • Sunday? I didn't get home from church until after one as I was asked to help out with a prayer ministry right after service. My daughter was at my house when I arrived home, so we spent time looking through my stash for some knit fabric to make her a tee shirt like one she purchased at Nordstrom's Rack. Then we looked at Simplicity patterns online to pick out a few. So that's sewing related at least!

  • Sunday evening, just as I was preparing to sit down and sew, a friend called to see if I wanted to go out to dinner. Well now how could I say no to dinner with a friend?

  • Monday morning stopped in at my chiropractor's office for my appointment and went straight to Joann's for the notion sale. I picked up the "must have" notions for my friend who is learning to sew, notions for myself, and patterns for my daughter - 3867, 3837, 3956 and 4125. I also picked up a copy of the new SewStylish magazine so I could see what it was all about.

  • Joann's had very little dress trims, so I stopped at Hancock's on my way home to pick up trim for a knit dress that I have cut out.

  • Made it home by late morning and promptly sat down to glance through the SewStylish magazine. I think it is a great resource for new sewers or those who aren't as confident about their sewing skills.

  • Completed FBAs on four patterns - two dress patterns and two jacket patterns.

  • Scanned photos of my dog Brandi to share on another blog. Today is the one year anniversary of having to put her to sleep. She was an old girl and such a sweet,loving dog right up to the end...and I still miss her a lot.

  • Organized photos of Brandi and the other dog, Sophia, after realizing how much time it took me to find all of the photos of Brandi!

  • Cropped and cleaned up photos from the Knit Out at the Mall of America - I'll share those tomorrow.

  • Baked banana bread for my hubby to enjoy when he returns tonight after his ski trip. It'll soften the blow when I tell him the garage door opener quit working. Although he should be able to figure it out when he sees my car parked outside of the garage...
And now I see it is Monday evening. There won't be any sewing this evening as I have a desktop publishing project I need to complete tonight.

So much for unlimited free time...guess I just need to go back to my daily routine of work, workout, dinner, sewing to get some sewing done! Pin It

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