Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pink poodles tote from Vogue 7563

The second tote from Vogue 7563 is completed. I posted photos of the sunflower tote the other day.

The second version is also made from home dec fabric. This time in a bright pink with poodles scattered all over. Reminds me a bit of a 50s Paris theme. I used the same black and white check as accents as well as the same white home dec fabric for the lining.

Fabric for Vogue 7563

This time I added a beaded trim underneath the bias binding on the pockets and at a portion of the top edge of the bag. I used a zipper foot to secure the bias binding, stitching slowly and as close as possible to the beaded trim.

Vogue 7563 Beaded Trim

On this bag I secured the inside pocket to the lining before adding the lining to the purse. The inside pocket on the previous version was only attached at the top of the pocket to the facing. I think the pocket will be more useful if it is secured in place.

Vogue 7563 Inside

And here is the finished tote!

Vogue 7563 Completed

Shhh! Don't tell Sophia that the dogs on the bag are poodles, not Maltese....

Sophia Nov 06
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  1. Beautiful! I love the beaded trim detail!

  2. Vicki W7:19 AM

    Pretty tote bag! I love the bead trim.

  3. Great Bag Sharon! And you know, Sophia will never know the difference, a dog is a dog afterall (tell that the Beau & Abby) g

  4. What a cute bag! And your pooch is pretty adorable too!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my site - I hope you become a regular visitor and Friend of Little Woolgatherings :-)

  5. I love your ideas! you are my favorite blogger! your ideas are beautiful and your so sweet! I'm so busy working on my dance dress...I cant wait to finish so I can start making bags and spring coats that like you do!



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