Sunday, February 25, 2007

Low Sew Accessories in the March issue of Sew News magazine

I finally gave in and restarted my subscription to Sew News magazine. The first issue I received was the February issue - the one that Stacy (Stacy Sews) had an article published in.

I received the March issue the other day and my girlfriend is published in this issue!

So, I'm giving a shout out to my girlfriend Cheryl for her article "Unexpected Accessories" in the March issue of Sew News.

The article encourages you to look at everyday items in a new way and includes directions for a little purse made from nothing but zippers and bias tape.

The photo below shows is an animal print purse trimmed with a feather duster.

These purses began life as (clockwise from top) a chenille rug and napkin rings, a placemat and kitchen cabinet hardware, and a sleeve from an old fur coat.

The article is a prelude to her upcoming book "Low-Sew Boutique" which will available this May. I've heard about some of the projects in the book, but I haven't actually seen any of them. But knowing Cheryl and her ingenuity, combined with her creativity and sense of humor, they should be good. And I bet I can get the author to autograph my copy!

There's another reason I'm looking forward to purchasing the book. When she was working on it she invited all of her friends, students, and family to consider submitting a project (made from a pre-made kitchen textile) for possible inclusion in the gallery section of the book. The publisher choose what items to include and she informed us that everyone had at least one item accepted. I submitted six items. As much as I want to see the projects, I admit that I will flip to gallery section of the book first to see which one of mine made the cut!

By the way, if you're interested, Sew News has a special offer on their website for the book.

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  1. I can't wait to see this book when it comes out! Congratulations on having a project included!

  2. Thanks, Sharon, I have to say I giggled a little just thinking what my friends will say if I do the duster purse! I seriously need to get to that magazine and do it! ~Stacey

  3. I haven't seen the March issue. I'll have to go take a look at it.
    I have a hot pink feather duster, wouldn't that be fun.
    That book looks interesting too.



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