Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Learning to knit at Knit-Out 2007 at the Mall of America

Last Friday I wrote that I was planning on attending the 2007 Knit Out & Crochet event at the Mall of America sponsored by the Craft Yarn Council of America.

The event was advertised as a "fun and exciting knit and crochet extravaganza." I had no idea what to expect but the free knitting lessons caught my attention so my daughter and I went to the mall to see what this thing was all about.

We headed for the free knitting lessons first. We only had to wait ten minutes before it was our turn to have a chance for one-on-one attention from an accomplished knitter (who was volunteering her time.) Our instructor was Trish who was so much fun to knit with! We were both given a skein of yarn and two knitting needles with a few rows already begun for us. Trish then showed us how to knit.

Knit Out 2007 <span class=

I finished my first row but something didn't look quite right. I showed it to Trish and she very kindly said I skipped a stitch which was to be expected when learning and then proceeded to fix it for me. Trish also said that I'm a "loose" knitter and my daughter is a "tight" knitter.

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We were able to sit and practice as long as we liked. After a few more practice rows we decided it was time to move on, so with our yarn and knitting needles in hand we bade farewell to Trish and wandered through the mall to find the other happenings.

We waited in a number of long lines to pick up our freebies. Shoot, I don't even knit yet but I was picking up free patterns and needles and crochet hooks and a big bag to hold it all in. There were more give-aways but we were bored with the long lines and figured we didn't need the stuff anyway. I stopped at the Leisure Arts booth and visited for a few minutes with a delightful lady named Cheryl, who is (according to her blog the director working on Quilt, Knit, and Crochet books. Be sure to check out her blog - Living in a Material World.

Next stop was the rotunda to see if we were in time for any of the fashion shows. Sure enough! We were just in time to see the dog fashion show! Which, being the dog nut that I am, was the highlight of the event for me!

All of the dogs in the show are rescues and have been trained by the Humane Society as helpers for people with disabilities. Here, for your enjoyment, are photos of some of the dogs in the knitted fashions for dogs show.

If you look closely at this dog you'll notice that she only has three legs. It is amazing how adaptable these dogs are! She walked up the stairs to the stage and strutted her stuff proudly!
Knit Out 2007 <span class=

Isn't he beautiful?
Knit Out 2007 <span class=

This coat had a lion's collar and a lion's tale that the dog did not like one bit. He kept trying to shake the lion's tale off of his back!
Knit Out 2007 <span class=

This dog was a chow/black lab mix and absolutely gorgeous!
Knit Out 2007 <span class=

This little black poodle quickly stole the show.
Knit Out 2007 <span class=

And I love this picture because dogs are dogs even if they're dressed up and in fashion show!
Knit Out 2007 <span class=

All things considered, I'd say the event was worth attending. That little introduction to knitting has me hooked, although I wonder how I'll ever find time to fit one more thing into my busy life.

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  1. Sharon, I'm so excited to see these pictures on your blog. Yours are so much better than mine! I really want to thank you for stopping by to talk to me at the LA booth. I love your blog...a lady who finishes things. I am impressed!

  2. You learned to knit! Good for you! I find that I'm doing more knitting than sewing these days. Love your blog!



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