Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I accept the challenge - here's the "real" sewing room

First it was Stacy from Stacy Sews, then it was Stephanie from Stephanie Sews, so I guess its time for Sharon from Sharon Sews (do you see the pattern here?)

What did they do? Showed their sewing room/space - mess and all.

Now remember I shared by sewing space with you a while back? It was tidy, neat, and organized. That's because I *gasp* straighted it up before I took the photos (I bet you couldn't tell, right?)

So, I accept Stephanie's challenge and I'll show my sewing room. Right after reading her blog entry, I took photos of my sewing room in its current state.

I challenge you to do the same! Once you're done reading, take photos of your sewing room/space and post them to your blog and let me know so I can see them!

Okay, here goes:

As you enter my room, this is what you see. The shelves hold books, patterns, sewing notes, alteration/mending projects, and a few cut out projects. The totes next to the shelves hold some of my overflowing pattern collection. The peg board holds a few purse handles, some trims, a wind chime (why? I don't know) and my safety glasses. GiGi is dressed in a Vogue dress I'm finishing up.

Moving right along, you see where I sit to sew on my Pfaff 2056 (and I'm still in love with it!) and my Elna serger. My old reliable Kenmore is sitting on the other side of the Pfaff (propped up with a sewing book my Ardele Maglois). There are two items next to the serger waiting to be fixed - a tassel on a pillow and a hem on a co-worker's dress. The bookshelf holds some of my sewing books, the paper bag is my trash can, and the door to the sewing table/cabinet holds sewing needles, bobbins, pin cushions, drapery trim glue, that kind of thing.

My iron and ironing board are set up across from my sewing table. Not the most efficient set up, but the only place it fits. Behind the ironing board is a second dress form. That is Isabella and I received her from my neighbor who no longer wanted her. She's not my size but she's still loved. The white shelving units hold yet more patterns on the top shelf along with cut out projects in totes. The other shelves hold Threads magazines, thread, and various pressing tools. The plastic bins hold my sewing notions, zippers, buttons, bias tapes, dressmaker trims, rulers, decorative yarns, purse hardware, and paper for tracing patterns. The file cabinets hold business papers, old Burda WOF magazines, and (shoot, I hate to even say this) more sewing patterns. The bulletin board has a few odds and ends pinned to it - sewing inspiration, notes, etc.

The final view shows what is piled on my cutting/work table right now. Fabric and patterns for: A red knit top for my daughter; a red print dress for myself; lining to complete the faux fur jacket I've been working on; and a burgundy/rust jacket for myself. There are also some patterns from Lazy Girl Designs, rulers and markers, and a couple of beautiful silk remnants that I don't know what to do with. There's a few misc. books from the library hidden in there also.

Its your turn! Will you accept the challenge and share your sewing room just as it looks right this moment? Pin It


  1. Vicki W6:11 AM

    What a nice space!

  2. You have a great space (and I love the dress you're working on)!

  3. I think your room looks great! I accepted the challenge and posted my pics too.

  4. You do have a great room. I dream of the day when I can have a sewing room again. Is that a folding cutting table from Joann’s I see? I have one of those it has really worked out great for me.

  5. Great room. I see you use the baggie/ ziplock bag approach to organizing. Me too.
    I also have a PFAFF 2056. It's sitting next to my serger at the moment because I have been using my Viking instead. Both are fantastic machines.

  6. What a great room, love all the space and storage area.



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