Saturday, January 06, 2007

Vintage Vogue 2934 (1950 Jacket)

As I try and list all of my sewing accomplishments from 2006, I realized I did much more sewing than I originally thought I had.

One item that I began last November and finished just over a month later was this lined jacket from a reissued 1950 design - Vintage Vogue pattern number 2934. It is actually a simple pattern to sew. With so many other commitments that required my time during the last few months of 2006 this jacket took much longer than it should have.

The pattern is rated "average" and the description reads "lined jacket, slightly below waist, has straight front and flared back, funnel neckline and three-quarter dolman sleeves with deep cuffs. "

The black wool, the canvas hair interfacing, the lilac satin lining and the black frog closures were all from my stash so I was able to try this pattern out before investing in a great fabric for my final version. I didn't want to invest in an expensive fabric only to find that the style was completely unsuitable for me.

The front of the jacket.
The back of the jacket.
The side of the jacket, which shows the flared back.
A peek at the lilac lining - completely hand sewn.
This was a fun project to work on even with all of the hand sewing required.

While the fabric I choose to make my first version from is a bit "blah" compared to the FABULOUS one reviewed on PR emr (click here but sure to come back!) I still like it! Pin It


  1. Vicki8:17 PM

    This is a beautiful jacket! It reminds me of a cape I have that belonged to my Grandfather's Grandmother in Ireland. I have it now. It has a very similar silhouette with lots of decorative trim. I had sort of forgotten about it - your jacket prompts me to get it out and look at it again!

  2. I am close to starting in on this jacket myself. Now that I see your lovely version, I may just have to move it up on the project list!

  3. Great looking jacket! I'm inspired by your UFOs and your plan to finish them this year. Good luck!!

  4. I really like that! It's so chic!


  5. I really like this vintage style jacket. Looks great! I think I commented on your review at PR. Interesting fabric.



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