Saturday, January 13, 2007

Up next - another faux fur coat

I had so much fun finishing the faux fur UFO coat that I decided to dive in and begin another one! Plus, it is all from the stash so no need to purchase anything. I choose another Fabulous-Furs pattern. It is number 002 with a copyright date of 1989.

The back of the pattern envelope provides a much clearer picture of what the jacket or coat actually looks like. The skill level is rated "advanced beginner" and the approximate cutting and sewing time is given as eight to nine hours. Not bad!

Unlike the previous coat I made, this faux fur had pelt lines that needed to be taken into consideration. Fortunately, the pattern pieces had lines included for lining up the pelt lines in the right place.

Because the pattern pieces are laid out single layer on the non fur side, I needed to find a way to mark the pelt lines on the wrong side of the faux fur.

The first thing I did was place long pins along the pelt lines on the right side of the fabric.

Next, I turned the fabric over and lined up the pin marks using a long yardstick.

Then, using chalk, I drew a line along the yardstick showing where the pelt line was on the other side. I now could easily lay out the pattern piece along a pelt line.

Pieces were cut out with care taken to cut the knit backing only, not the fur.

You can see how the faux fur pelt lines curve at the edge when cut properly.

The quality of this faux fur was not as nice as the previous piece I worked with. While I don't recall where I purchased this piece, I do know it wasn't from Donna Sayler's Fabulous Furs.

See how messy this was? The sewing room floor was covered with this stuff. But I followed my own advise and had my vacuum cleaner handy!

This jacket is only six pieces - two fronts, one back, two sleeves and a collar. Oh, and of course the lining, which I haven't cut out yet.

Since the pattern claims eight to nine hours for cutting and sewing I'm going to time this project. So far one hour for cutting.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

Check back tomorrow for a progress report. Pin It


  1. Very interesting, Sharon. I love that pattern and will be watching for a photo of the finished coat.

  2. There's a trick for pinning to make the sewing very easy to do!!



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