Sunday, January 28, 2007

Next up - Kwik Sew 3489 Wrap Dress

I stopped at Hancock's the other day to pick up a few of the new Vogue patterns while they were on sale. Unfortunately, this particular store did not have the new inventory out yet. While I was there I did purchase this new Kwik Sew wrap dress pattern.

The pattern pieces were traced this afternoon and tomorrow I'll complete an FBA on the bodice before cutting the dress out. It looks like it should go together rather quickly.

Fabric was pulled out of my stash for this dress - a knit from (where else) SR Harris that was purchased just over a year ago. I'm debating on which side of the fabric to use as I think either side could pass as the right side of the fabric.

My husband likes the side that has more black but I like the side that has more contrast. What do you think? Pin It


  1. I'm with you regarding the fabric choice. The mostly black side is not as interesting as the fabric side with more contrast.

  2. I like the side with more contrast too. It's going to make a great wrap dress - which view are you going to make the one with the collar or without?

  3. Vicki5:36 AM

    Ditto! The higher contrast side,

  4. Lighter side, much nicer contrast!

  5. Thanks for the feedback! Guess I should've just gone with my instincts! Lighter side, more contrast it will be. Stay tuned...



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