Saturday, January 27, 2007

I love parades - even winter parades!

I love parades! Especially when I get to be in them. So, no sewing today as I was participating in the Winter Carnival parade.

Turns out that I didn't need to complete by faux fur coat after all since I found one on eBay that arrived just in time. (Uh, oh - do I have another UFO in the works...)

The coat I bought off of eBay was also large enough for me to wear three layers underneath it, which was needed with the severe drop in temps from yesterday. We were in the mid 40s yesterday and I was hoping the weather forecasters would be wrong about today.

Sadly, this time they were right in the forecast. When we gathered for check-in and line-up temps were hovering around 14 degrees F, but by the time we began walking and completed the parade route the temp had dropped about 3 more degrees.

It was cold waiting for the parade to start. You can see from the photos that we fought a strong wind most for most of the parade route also.

Each unit was asked to have one representative from their group march behind the color guard carrying the US Flag. I was honored to be the representative from our unit. We led the parade and after marching through the entire 7-1/2 block route I circled back to march with my own unit - only to wait another hour before we it was our turn.

Oh, and one of the highlights for me? I got to be bounced by the bouncing team! It was so much fun!!!! Except that I screamed when they tossed me up - what a wimp, huh? I'd try out to be the bouncing girl but I don't come close to meeting their requirements - under the age of 21 and less than 110 lbs.

The Torchlight parade is next week and if the weather pattern holds it proves to be another cold one. Hmmm, maybe I could get the bouncing team to bounce me again... Pin It

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