Wednesday, January 03, 2007

And the idea for the bead behind the button originated from...

Yes, I know. You've already SEEN this photograph. Its in my "Happy New Year" post.

I wanted to share it with you again because I now know where I found out about the idea! It was on Carolyn's blog - Diary of a Sewing Fanatic. (Man, I love that blog name. How can you not want to read about her sewing odyssey with that as a title?)

Anyway, she tried to post a comment on my blog, but for some reason was unable to so. Is anyone else having trouble? Well now that's kind of a silly question isn't it since you wouldn't be able to leave me a comment to tell me that you're having trouble leaving comments.

Okay, I digress. Back to the topic.

She sent me a message to let me know that I read about the idea on her blog. (Click here to read the entry on her blog.) However, she was quick to point out that another sewer/artist at Artisan's Square (fxzdoc) suggested the idea to her.

Thank you for reminding me where I saw this idea. I love the bead behind the button and I too will be making this a signature in my sewing future. Pin It

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