Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The 80s are back - just peek at the faux fur coat I'm sewing

Work continues on the Fabulous Fur faux fur jacket with another two hours added on to the total production time.

After I sewed the jacket together I tried it on and couldn't stop laughing (and thinking of Dynasty)!

What you might not be able to see well on GiGi (my dress form) is how big this jacket is! The shoulders are H U G E!!! You'll see what I mean when I have it completed and am wearing it.

The shoulders are huge because they are shaped with three darts in the sleeve cap.

I suppose it makes sense that the shoulders are oversized as the pattern is from 1989. All of the Fabulous Fur patterns that I own only have fashion drawings on the front and line drawings on the back so it is difficult to determine exactly what the final outcome will be.

Fortunately, this particular jacket is being made for a specific event - and that event calls for a vintage or retro style faux fur coat or jacket. That means this will be perfect!

The sewing was a breeze until I reached the point where I needed to sew the front facing to the neck edge. There was quite a bit of bulk in that area since the front facing was folded back, catching in the neck edge and the collar. I broke two needles before deciding I had better stitch that area by hand.

The next step will be to cut out and add the lining. I have a piece of silk from Vogue Fabrics that is only about six years old, but it has always reminded me of the 80s. I'm not sure if it is the colors or the shoe pattern. It will be perfect as a lining inside this 1980s era faux fur jacket.

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  1. hi. if u dont mind me asking... i'm new to sewing faux fur coat. can i know, did you sew the fur coat by hand or by the machine? why did those needles broke? sorry for asking such a question again. looking forward for your reply. thank you in advance. :)



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