Thursday, December 28, 2006

UFOs....the rest of the story

Vogue 8315 faux wrap dress with long waist tie. This was one time I should have done a muslin and I forged ahead instead. The fit on the bodice is really weird. I did an FBA but I don't think that would have messed the fit up so much, however, it is possible. Of course the dress was almost done before I actually tried it on. The shoulder area needs to come up about an inch and a half and the wrapped front bodice is also too long. If I take it apart and make these adjustments, the dress should fit.

A closeup of the area that needs adjustment. About 1-1/2" in the front chest area, and about 2" in the shoulder.
A faux fur coat from Donna Sayler's swing coat pattern and Donna Sayler's faux fur fabric. I'm not even certain if they sell faux fur yardage anymore. This just needs the lining added and final hand stitching. The style is a bit dated, but with the weather we have in Minnesota I could certainly find placed to wear it. This is one heavy coat! And not as difficult to make as you might imagine.

Vogue DKNY 2833. I began the jacket last winter and put it aside when I realized it wouldn't be completed in time for the winter season. When I pulled it out this year it became apparent that it is too large in the bust - thanks to my hubby who quilts me into going to the gym for a workout three days a week. I need to take it apart and see if I can redo the front princess seam and then complete the jacket. I have fabric put aside to make the Hot Patterns Miss Moneypenny skirt to go along with this.

Burda 8133 jacket that I put it aside when I needed to adjust the flounce. I had done an FBA on the jacket, but forgot to add length to the flounce (which goes around the entire jacket) so I needed to piece in an addition to the flounce. The flounce has been basted on so the jacket only needs the lining added, and final hand stitching.

Simplicity 4698 jacket. This one lacks body - look how the weight of fabric pulls at the sleeve hems and jacket hem. I need to remove the hems, add some interfacing and re hem. If that takes care of the problem, then I will add the trim and the jacket with be done. (And only two years after this style became popular.)

Do muslins count as UFOs? This is a muslin from a Vogue pattern that I can't seem to locate at the moment. It is designed to have an elastic waist. I'm not sure about the design of the blouse which is why I put it aside. I know I'm promising to complete my UFOs this year, but this might actually become a wadder.

Simplicity 4699 coat that just needs to be hemmed. The fabric is a stretch cotton that arrived in a mystery bundle purchase from Fabric Mart Fabrics. This one I'll be moving closer to the top of my UFO completion file as I think it will make a cute spring jacket - white pants, lace trimmed white tee with a great beaded necklace in shades of blue.

This oddly colored silk shirt is the beginnings of the Sewing Workshop Elle shirt. The silk feels wonderful, I'm just not too sure about the print any longer. I do remember purchasing it in the early 1990's, even though I didn't cut it out until a year or so ago. I'll finish the shirt, but whether or not I actually wear it remains to be seen.

A summer dress made from a Vogue pattern that is long gone. I began the dress with the intention of packing it when we married in Vegas in April of 1998. That was one the years that weather patterns across the US were not normal and it was downright chilly in Vegas. So, I put the dress aside knowing I wouldn't need it. And guess what? All that needs to be completed is to sew the hem! (Of course, you knew that didn't you?)

Simplicity 4074 - love the fabric and the pattern. However, I inadvertently cut out the wrong view. I intended to make the faux wrap dress and cut out the other view, which looks terrible on me. I even tried a black belt thinking it would help, but blah! Yucky dress. Fortunately, I had not hemmed it yet (because, as you may have figured out by now, I seem to have a problem actually completing many of my sewn garments!) So, the plan is to cut it off and make it a two piece - knit top and shorter skirt. Perhaps then I'll be able to wear it.

Lined shell from some Big 4 pattern company - I think it was a McCall's pattern. It needs the side zipper sewn in, the lining added, the shoulder seams sewn and to be hemmed. I'm sure I can figure out how to complete this without the instructions. It's pretty straight forward.

Well, that's it (I hope). My goal is to complete these in 2007, AND to not create any new UFOs. Pin It

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