Tuesday, December 26, 2006

UFOs lurking in my sewing room closet

The busy Christmas season is behind us and, as usual, I am in a "must get organized" frame of mind. Happens every year right after Christmas and this year is no exception. I think by now it could be considered a tradition!

Another annual tradition is to take an inventory of how many UFOs are in my sewing room. You know the type of UFO I'm referring to. Not the type that was a popular movie topic in the 1950s (complete with little green men), but the kind that most sewers are familiar with. UnFinished Objects - well at least that's what I think UFO stands for. Please drop me a note if I'm incorrect.

Last year I pulled a number of UFOs out of hiding that I decided I would never, ever finish. I planned to donate them to the Textile Center's annual garage sale (yes, they will take UFOs and resell them) but I never made it over there on the one day they take donations. So I *gasp* pitched 'em.

I promise not to do that this year. I will finish them. I figure by sharing all of them with you, along with my goal to complete them in 2007, I will feel guilty if I attempt to toss them - uncompleted - into the trash. I even photographed them to help me keep on track.

To begin the process, I removed UFOs that were neatly hung on hangers in the closet. Whew, doesn't look so bad does it? Only about six awaiting completion. I can handle that.

But wait! There's more! They're stored in the dreaded storage bin. The one that is conveniently non-transparent. The one where I can tuck a UFO inside and forget about it. The one that resides in a corner of my closet with pretty piles of fabric on top of it. Hmmm, I'm not feeling so smug anymore as there are quite a few UFOs hidden in that bin. Well that's okay, I can handle them also. I have a whole year, right?

Oh shoot, wait a minute. I forgot about the UFOs I placed in small storage bins. That was when I was trying to get organized last year. I figured I would place my ongoing sewing projects into small plastic storage bins (complete with the pattern and all required notions) so that everything would be ready to go when I was in the mood for sewing (which is always to be honest). Well that system didn't work so well, since all I did was stack the storage bins on top of one another. More UFOs to add to the list.

This is getting a bit overwhelming, not to mention embarrassing.

Okay, here we go. Here's my (partial) list of UFOs that I pledge to complete in 2007. The rest will be posted tomorrow.

A Miss Moneypenny trumpet skirt from Hotpatterns. I never even completed the muslin!

The muslin just needs the waistband added before I decide what I want to make the actual skirt out of.

It really is a great looking skirt. I think I'll pull this one close to the top of my UFO finishing pile.

A white poly blouse from a Vogue Attitudes pattern by designer Bryon Lars. The fabric really isn't the best choice for this top and that's why I stopped work on it. I think I'll finish the UFO and consider it a wearable muslin. I have a nice menswear stripe in my stash that I purchased years ago to use with this pattern.

A black/white suit with red piping from Simplicity 3962 - a Threads Collection pattern. This is a recent UFO. I put it aside before Christmas to work on gifts and baking and other necessities in preparing for the Christmas season.

A skirt from Vogue 7643 that has been cut out for a few years - right when the "bo-ho" look was emerging. I guess I could finish it and perhaps by changing the trim I was going to add make it wearable for this spring season.

Sewing Workshop's Tahoe Pant from a yummy chocolate brown rayon with a hint of stretch. Sewing stopped on this one when I decided I didn't like the back of the skirt/pant. I need to do some tweaking to fix the way the pleats lay in the back, sew on the waist band and hem it. Better get busy on this one as it looks awesome with boots and a sweater!

A black polyester print skirt from a New Look pattern. This only needs the waistline completed and the hem. This was made to go with the white lace eyelet jacket I made last summer from the same pattern. See how unimaginative I can be? The pattern show a white jacket with a black print skirt and I sewed a white jacket with a black print skirt! Sheesh, you think I could show a little creativity on my own.

A purple lined jacket from Simplicity 4698. This is partially sewn together and I put it aside to look for the "perfect" trim.

Sewing Workshop's Thai Coat from a mystery blend fabric. Again, this is cut and just awaiting time at the sewing machine. I put this one aside as I wasn't positive I liked my fabric choice after I cut it out. I think it will be too bland so I'm going to search for something to spice this up a bit before I complete it.

A fleece pullover from a McCall's Sewing with Nancy pattern - 4312. This could be worn right now as I bundle up in the house while we try and keep our thermostat turned down to save on energy.

This one is cut and because I've already made one from this pattern I know that it won't take more than two hours to complete.

A bright tropical print swimsuit from McCall's 2221. This was cut out with plans to sew it for our trip to the Mexican Riviera. The trip was two years ago and it was fun! Even without this swimsuit. This will be my lowest priority UFO as I don't need another swimsuit at the moment.

A navy blue and pink flowered challis Print skirt from Butterick 4026. The skirt just needs the lining sewn in, the waist finished, and a hem.

Vogue 8089 jacket - Today's Fit by Sandra Betzina. The fabric is a lightweight silk twill from FabricMartFabrics. Everything is cut and ready to go.

A tapestry cape from Folkwear Kinsdale Cloak pattern. All I've done on this one is sew the collar and serge the fabric edges to prevent the fabric from ravelling.

This cloak has been a UFO for about 15 years. I began it when I was attending the Ren Faire on a regular basis. Now it is pretty common place for people to attend wearing "costumes" but 15 years ago it was still a bit of a novelty. This would have come in handy many Septembers when the weather was cold and rainy.

That's it for today. There are still quite a few UFOs that I will be sharing with you so stay tuned. Pin It


  1. Vicki7:29 AM

    WOW! I have to admit that I am overwhelmed by your UFO! LOL! This is a good exercise that you have gone through.

  2. You have some absolutely fantastic looking UFOs in your pile! I can't wait to see that moneypenny skirt finished, either.

    I'm should join your UFO sewing, I have a few that really need working on!

  3. You have such nice UFO's! and so many! Good Luck!

  4. I remember that silk twill from Fabric Mart. I drooled over it but never bought it. Now I know where some of it is!!!! *LOL* I too am amazed at the number of UFO's that you have but I have faith that since you have set a goal you will achieve it! I know I am going to see pics of you in the finished garments in 2007!

  5. Sharon, Thank you for sharing your UFO pile! I must say that sometimes I struggle with knowing what fabrics I would use with which pattern. You however have made some fantastic choices, especially the Simplicity 4699, I would never have given that fabric a second look. The jacket is so nice.

    Good luck with completing your projects!

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