Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sewing and chocolate - two of life's simple pleasures

Well, there hasn't been too much sewing going on this household over the past few weeks as I, along with most everyone else I know, have been incredibly busy preparing for Christmas. It seems to be sneaking up on us as we still have no snow! Which is very unusual for Minnesota.

In between sending Christmas greetings, baking treats, wrapping presents, and (my favorite part) working with the kids at church preparing for their annual Christmas program, I have managed to get a few projects sewn. More about those later.

The fun part - we received our annual chocolate bar from my husband's employer. Isn't that a beauty! Did you notice the little hammer that is included? That's to break it apart so you can eat it. It is some of the best chocolate we've ever eaten. We are such chocolate freaks that we look forward to the day the UPS driver drops this off at our house. Now the hard part....waiting until Christmas to begin hammering away at it with family and friends.

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