Sunday, December 17, 2006

A is for Apron, B is for Bake, C is for Cookie and D is for Day

In other words - Cookie Bake Day!

Cookie Bake Day began with my sisters, my nieces and my nephews ten years ago (and I have the photos to prove it!) Ten years ago my daughter had recently moved out and my son, while still physically living in our home, wasn't spending much time there. It was getting close to Christmas and I missed having little ones around to help me bake Christmas cookies. So, I invited my mother, my daughter, my three sisters and their children to our first annual Cookie Bake Day! We made up a rule - no males over the age of twelve- as part of the fun was having a girl's day.

Every December, we spend one Saturday afternoon in my kitchen baking Christmas cookies. We make the usuals - sugar cut-outs, peanut butter blossoms, Russian teacakes (with cherries rather than nuts), Snickerdoodles, and spritz. We've tried different recipes through out the years, but we keep coming back to these. New this year was the addition of my son's girlfriend and her favorite cookie - coconut macaroons. Yummy! This recipe is a keeper (as is the girlfriend - she's a sweetheart.)

Cookie Bake Day starts with lunch - sandwiches and chips - and then we begin the baking. The first few years we mixed up all of the dough as we were preparing to make the cookies. We discovered we could get much more baking done if everyone brought two batches of cookie dough with them. So now most of the cookie dough has been prepared before we begin baking. We only need to spend time mixing up a few batches of cookie dough in my kitchen, which means we can get to it much faster! We bake, bake, bake and decorate, decorate, decorate fpr hours, all the while chatting and laughing and enjoying each other's company.

As the kids have grown the sugar cut-out cookies have gone through a transformation also. The amount of frosting and other decor has decreased - with one exception this year - my six-year old nephew. Here is his "special" cookie.

As you can imagine, all of this baking can be messy. All that flour and sugar and butter and frosting flying around. That's why we need aprons. Ten years ago, part of the tradition of Cookie Bake Day (for the nieces) was to visit aunt Sharon's house before the big day and sew an apron. They brought that apron to Cookie Bake Day where it was worn with pride.

Since my son's girlfriend was joining us for the first time this year I wanted to make her an apron that she can now wear at the annual Cookie Bake Day. As I didn't have much time, or much fabric, I choose to make the apron from Amy Butler's book In Stitches. (By the way, buy this book! I'll write my thoughts on my book in another post.) The apron only requires 3/4 yard of two coordinating fabrics and can be put together in just over an hour. I think it is such a cute apron.

I did find it interesting that she choose to wear it tied below her waist rather than at her waist. Oh, and what a surprise that she wore a gold sweater and the apron has gold snowflakes scattered though out - what a well-coordinated cook!

I had so much fun sewing the Christmas apron for my son's girlfriend that I decided to whip one up for my daughter also. She gets a kick out of Hello Kitty stuff so when I saw this Hello Kitty Christmas print I knew that was the fabric for her apron.

I sandwiched red rick-rack between the pocket and the pocket band and between the apron and the lower hem band and the waistband. It adds a little extra to the apron.

After five hours of baking and decorating, talking and laughing, this year's Cookie Bake Day came to an end. Pin It

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