Friday, December 22, 2006

I just can't stop making this beaded sash from Amy Butler.

On Tuesday I reviewed the original six scarves I made as gifts for co-workers on PatternReview. These sashes are from directions in the book Amy Butler's In Stitches. The instructions for this particular sash are available for free on her website also.

On Wednesday evening I decided I needed just one more scarf and I had the perfect piece of fabric. I had already tried the sash from cotton (the suggested fabric), polyester, knit, and velvet and I was ready to try it in silk chiffon. The silk version took a bit longer than the others just because it is a littler trickier to work with. I choose a very light weight beaded trim so as not to distort the edge of the scarf. I was so pleased with the results that I plan on making an identical one for myself.

Silk chiffon trimmed with turquoise and black beaded trim.

Rayon velvet with a purple/green/gold pattern. This one is trimmed with solid black beads.
This one is trimmed with a beaded trim in gold/black/purple/green that forms small loops.

A shimmery black and silver scarf trimmed with black beads.

A closeup of the black beads on the silver/black scarf.

A open weave oatmeal colored knit scarf trimmed with wood beads.

A close up of the wood beads on the oatmeal knit scarf.
A scarf made from cotton, the fabric suggested in the pattern. The cotton will have enough drape because of the bias layout.
A close up of the bead and shell trim on the pink cotton scarf.

A blue polyester with a tonal embroidered pattern trimmed with blue beads.

A close up of the beaded trim on the blue scarf.

I chose fabrics and trims based on their personalities and clothing colors they like to wear. These gifts were given to most of my co-workers yesterday and they had very kind and complimentary remarks about them. I'm not sure who was more excited - me giving these as gifts or them receiving them.
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  1. Vicki7:17 AM

    Wow! You have been busy and they are all beautiful!

  2. stacy9:21 AM

    I missed your review at PR, so I'm glad you posted all your photos here! They are all so beautiful - perfect Christmas gifts. If it didn't require me to get out in large shopping crowds, I'd pick myself up some trim and make one today!

  3. Wow! Great blog. I saw your review of the scarves and loved them there, but it was not until your McCall's Boston Terrier review that I discovered your blog. I'll be watching for progress on the Nativity --it should be lovely.

  4. I am loving Amy Butler's book - these scarves and your christmas aprons are just fab! Merry Christmas!



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