Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Finally got around to doing some sewing - Vogue 8323

Where does the time go? This past week just flew by! I had hoped to do a bit of sewing this past weekend but spent most of my time preparing for a face painting engagement that I volunteered to do with my dad. We spent 3-1/2 hours at a Breakfast with Santa (a fundraiser for a local community organization, which is why we volunteered our time). My father did balloon animals as Knufie the clown and I was the face painting lady. I choose not to go in character because you need to be very close to the child as you paint their face and clowns are scary to many young children. We had a blast and we'll be at it again next weekend at another community Christmas event!

Anyway, back to sewing. I managed to squeeze in the completion of this knit top - Vogue 8323 (copyright 2006). You can read the full review on Patternreview.

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  1. This looks great on you! This print works really well with this style too.... Now I'm off to go read your review on PR.

  2. Posted on PR, great looking top!

  3. Beautiful top! This fabric is gorgeous!

  4. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Sharon, I love your top. The fabric and pattern are perfect together and it looks sooo good on you.



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