Sunday, December 17, 2006

A few new Simplicitys made their way home with me today

Busy, busy, busy - that' s how life is at the moment. Right after church, my daughter and I ran to JoAnn's - she was looking for Christmas wrapping paper and I wanted to get more Guterman thread while it was 50 percent off. Wouldn't you know it? I just happened to stop at the pattern drawers and three Simplicity patterns (on sale of course) found their way into my shopping cart.

Simplicity 3906 - I'd like to make the fold down "ramp" for our Maltese, Sophia. We don't know why but she has never figured out that she has the ability to jump up on furniture. Perhaps because she never saw Brandi jump up onto the furniture. Brandi, a wonderful rescued "mutt", was so old by the time Sophia came into the household that she no longer wanted to jump up onto anything. Most of the time its great that she doesn't jump, but it can get annoying when she barks and barks and barks until you pick her up. This could solve that problem.

Simplicity 4434 for a baby top, pants, capelet, bib and blanket wrap. I am in need of a couple of quick baby gifts and I have some fleece remnants in the stash - so voila! This little capelet could be the ticket - I think its cute and it looks quick to sew....I could add a few purchased toys to the package and I'm all set. It will be fun to sew for an infant again.

Simplicity 3877 - a Threads pattern with the B,C,D cup separate bodice pieces. Although this is very similar to Vogue 8315, (which I'm still working on...some difficulties with the bodice/shoulder/sleeve that I'm still fixing). I purchased it so that I don't have to do an FBA when I decide to make another version of the dress.

Hopefully in another week there'll be time to concentrate on sewing rather than pattern collecting. Pin It

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