Saturday, December 09, 2006

Completed sewing a skirt from Simplicity 4091

I just finished sewing this skirt from Simplicity 4091. I used a woven rayon/Lycra blend purchased from SR Harris that I had originally intended to make a pair of pants out of. However the fabric had such a nice hand and drape that it was better suited for a skirt.

This pattern is quite simple to make. It has princess seams in the front (which always provide a good opportunity for fine-tuning the fit of the skirt) and darts in the back. The upper portion of the skirt is slightly curved at the edge where the flounce is attached. This not only adds a nice line to the skirt, but it provides a lot of movement to the flounce when walking.

I liked the look of the double flounce on the skirt but I didn't have any fabric that coordinated with this brown so I added a lightweight trim to the hemline mimicking the double flounce without the weight of the additional fabric.

To achieve that look, I first pressed 1/4" of the hem to the wrong side of the skirt.

Next, press the rest of the hem up. In my case, I pressed the hem up an additional 1/2". I then laid my trim, right side facing down, matching the edge of the trim to the top of my hem.

I then sewed the hem in place catching both the hem and the trim. When this is completed, you'll see that the trim hangs from the inside of the skirt from the top edge of the hem which allows the trim to hang freely.

This is the completed hemline and trim from the right side of the fabric.

The full review can be read at Patternreview. A note of caution - beaded trim on a skirt worn with fishnet hosiery doesn't work very well! Pin It


  1. stacy1:05 AM

    So cute! I love the lines of this skit and the trim looks great. I need to start wearing more skirts!

  2. I like the addition of the trim. I like this skirt and plan to make another one myself but will give thought to your idea of the trim.



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