Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Quick and easy knit top - McCall's 4716

I am supposed to be working on a newsletter but I'm frustrated because I'm an Adobe InDesign gal and I'm struggling to lay the newsletter out in Quark (which is what the file was given to me in). To further complicate the matter, I'm not an experienced desktop publisher - I know enough to get by - and when I volunteered to help out I didn't realize I couldn't import the file into InDesign. But looking on the bright least I had a version of Quark available so I could actually work on the file.

Anyway, I needed a break. I needed something fun to do. So of course I headed to the sewing room. I suppose I could have finished my Vintage Vogue jacket but I would have had to remove the black thread and rethread the machine with thread to match the lining. I know, I know, that's pretty lazy, but I will admit that rather than rethread the machine I choose to sew something that could be done with black thread.

I settled on McCall's 4716 . I really like the deep exaggerated cowls on many of this tops I saw in the stores recently and that's what drew me to this pattern. I'm not sure how I missed the pattern when it was first released as the copyright on it is 2004. It's not as deep as Butterick 4920 but I wasn't sure how a large cowl neck would look on a full bust so I decided to start with the shorter cowl version. Oh, by the way, if you haven't seen Butterick 4920 on a real person yet - check out Stacy Sews - she looks fantastic in the one she whipped up!

The fabric I used is one of the fabrics I picked up from Vogue Fabrics at the sewing expo last week...less than $10 invested so I wasn't too concerned if I didn't like it when it was completed.

I did a very small FBA and then sewed this together in an hour. The back neck edge, the sleeve hems, and the bottom hem still need to be completed but I was curious as to whether or not I would like this style on me. Turns out that I like it! I really like it! The print is a bit wild, but I would wear this with straight-legged black pants for gatherings during the holiday season. This is a top that I think I wear better than GiGi (my dress form) as she doesn't look very curvy wearing it.

I'll be digging in my stash for some more knits and will be adding at least one more of this style to my fall/winter wardrobe. Pin It


  1. I have butterick 4920 on my list for next weeks sale at joanns, I can't wait to try it

  2. toya, I think after making this top that I'm going to purchase Butterick 4920 myself and try it out. I look forward to seeing your version.



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