Saturday, November 18, 2006

One of "those" days

Do you ever have on those days? You know the ones. The ones where you wonder why you ever got out of bed to begin with. The ones where nothing major goes wrong, just little annoyances through out the day.

Yesterday I had one of "those" days. I woke up a bit later than normal, so of course my morning routine was off. Fortunately, the Friday morning traffic was lighter than normal (all those smart workers taking Friday off) and I arrived at work on time.

Whew, okay maybe the day won't be so bad after all. Except when I looked at my calendar I remember that a late afternoon meeting had been scheduled. Oh joy, something to look forward to on a Friday afternoon

alright, that's not so bad. So I go about my day only to discover a few hours later that I had on two different earrings. Hmmm, now when were my co-workers going to say something?

Okay, no big deal, I'll just remove the earrings. Except something was bothering my shoulders inside of my jacket. Turns out I had never removed two straight pins that I had placed inside of my jacket (my 40s retro jacket from Simplicity I might add) when I was deciding if I needed to tack the lining in place at the shoulder seam.

Fine, I'll remove the pins poking me in the shoulder. And vow to tell no one. Well now we all know that trouble arrives in multiples of threes (and why is that?) so I was wondering what was going to happen next.

Well, the day appeared to be progressing just fine with no more problems. I arrived at my afternoon meeting, sat down and promptly discovered that the zipper in my pants had busted and the fly front was gaping open. Good thing I had on a top with a scalloped and beaded hemline. Meaning the top was not tucked into the pants, which meant the broken zipper wasn't too obvious.

I'm so glad I know how to sew as I can fix the zipper in one of my favorite pair of pants.

Now a couple of happier notes!

I went to Joann's last night with my daughter as she wanted to purchase fleece to make tie blankets for some of her friends. Now I know there is an anti-fleece sentiment on some of the sewing boards, but I gotta tell you. I don't care if its fleece she wants to buy. She is in a fabric store purchasing fabric to bring home where she can experience the joy of creating something herself!

And I am on my way to the Pfaff dealer to test drive the Pfaff 2056 that I looked at when I was at the sewing expo. Its a lot of money, but if can sew some of the fabrics I've had trouble sewing with my Elna 8000, well they just got themselves a new customer.

Verdict to follow... Pin It

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  1. What a funny work story - just goes to show how resourceful you are! Good luck sewing machine shopping - it's always fun to get a new toy.



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