Monday, November 20, 2006

Hello Kitty fabric plus New Look pattern equals an Operation Christmas Child gift

Its the time of the year when my husband and I fill a shoebox or two for Operation Christmas Child. I wanted to make something to include in the box this year, but knew it had to be small and suitable for many ages.

I found a Hello Kitty remnant in my stash and pulled out a New Look pattern I had been wanting to try - New Look 6574. View A was quick to sew and turned out rather cute! But, I made a few errors along the way, so let me share them with you so you don't make the same mistakes.

First of all, there are only three pattern pieces for this purse. The body piece is cut from fabric, lining and interfacing. I choose a very heavy weight sew-in interfacing.

That was a mistake! Don't do it! I was thinking it would add more body to the purse, which in fact it did, but it made turning the purse right side out very, very, very difficult.

As you can see, the body is sewn together at the top of the handles then sewn to the lining along the outer (curved) edges. This is after the interfacing has been sewn on. After trimming and clipping the curved seam, you need to turn the purse right side out by pushing/pulling one side through that skinny little handle!At one point I almost gave up trying to turn this right side out as the body of the bag was practically stuck in that narrow shoulder strap area.

However, I was determined to make it work so I tried forcing the fabric through with the help of a thick chop stick - no luck. I then resorted to using a pliers. I grabbed a tiny bit of the lining and bit by bit was able to pull this right side out. Whew - what an ordeal!

Sounds like a good solution right? Wrong! Using the pliers without checking first for dirt and oil - mistake number two. Look what I did to the lining! Not only did I get some grease on the purse, I yanked so hard with the pliers that I made tiny holes in the fabric! Yikes!

Yet, I continued on. I just needed to sew up the side seams, sew on the bottom of purse, and figure out a way to get the grease off and the holes fixed.

I ended up using a Shout wipe on the grease and fused little Hello Kitties and bees inside the purse handle.
If you're not familar with Operation Christmas Child, you fill a shoebox with a variety of small toys, school supplies, candy, personal care product and clothing. You choose the age of the child and whether the box is for a boy or a girl. The shoeboxes are collected in central locations and shipped overseas.

The Hello Kitty bag proved the inspiration piece for a number of other items that were put into the shoebox, including Hello Kitty toothpaste, mirror, comb, notepad, pencils, and stickers. We have so much fun filling our shoeboxes and wondering who will receive our gifts. I hope the girl who receives this gift knows that it sent to her with a lot of love. Pin It


  1. This is a very cute pattern. To facilitate turning the purce, I would suggest making the straps portion of the pattern about 1/4" wider that would give you about 1/2" more turning room, and would not affect the look of the little bag at all.
    I will look into the Operation Christmas Child project.

  2. Hi Patsijean!

    Thanks for the tip on making the straps portion larger so that turning it will be easier! I will add that note to the pattern and do that next time.




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