Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day One - Original Sewing and Quilting Expo

Day one is over and I'm not sure what I think of this year's sewing expo. My first reaction was that there weren't too many vendors at the show geared towards fashion and garment sewing. Lots of quilting stuff and even quite a bit of knitting stuff. Granted I haven't been to the Minneapolis expo in four years, so perhaps that has been the natural progression over the past few years.

I do miss seeing all of the great independent pattern companies represented - especially Sewing Workshop. I always looked forward to seeing (and trying on) their sample garments. Then I would end up buying a pattern or two (or four as they usually had a show special when you bought four patterns.) Oh, another thing I miss is the button vendors. It can be so difficult to find great buttons!

To be fair, I am at the show as a booth helper so I didn't spend too much time browsing the sales floor and I haven't attended any classes.

As a booth helper I have a chance to talk to the people who stop in the booth (one of my favorite things about working at an expo.) From what they've told me, the free fashion shows have been great. I'm hoping to catch Jim Suzio's fashion show - he is so funny and his gowns are gorgeous!

One positive is that the local Pfaff dealer has a booth there. I've been wanting to test a Pfaff 2056 but have been too busy to drive to the store to test the machine.

It may surprise you to hear that I did manage to find time to purchase from Vogue Fabrics. Yes, I know that I don't need any more fabric (see my post about fabric hoarding). I even made a pledge to myself to only sew from my stash...but then I walked by all those bolts of fabric that were begging to be touched and...well, what can I say? I'm weak. I bought some knits and some rayons. I'll post my purchases after the expo ends because there's one more piece of fabric that I'm debating about purchasing. Pin It

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