Saturday, October 21, 2006

It's official ... I'm a fabric hoarder

Good grief. I honestly had no idea what was lurking in the depths of my sewing room closet (and the extra "craft/junk" room). I just can't sew if my things are unorganized. It saps my creavtive energy. With hubby gone all day today, I had planned on sewing all day long. What a luxury!

But first, I wanted to put away the fabric I had recently purchased on my trip to
SR Harris Fabric Outlet. That led to the decision to tidy up "just a bit". That led to pulling all of the fabric off of the closet shelves and out of the plastic bins. That led to "Oh my gosh! If I die before I clear this out everyone is going to come in here to clean up this room and shake there heads in wonder" (Except of course those of you that sew - you would understand!)

Some of the fabric stash - at least it helps insulate during the cold winter months.

Now, keep in mind, that all of this fabric is what is left after I donated a few bags to a lovely 20-something woman in my church. I found out recently that she enjoys sewing and I hoped that she would be able to make use of fabric I knew I would never, ever use - I mean c'mon, will I really use a piece of wool that is the wrong color for me just because it was imported from Ireland? And, I could tell she's one of us because her eyes light up at the mention of sewing and fabric.

Here's the fabric I gave her earlier - after today I have another few bags filled - hope she won't mind!

Not only do I have more fabric than I can ever hope to sew stored on these closet shelves, I have four more plastic bins bursting at the seams with fabric.

Oh, and I know why you've been having trouble finding black fabric in the fabric stores. Apparently I heard a rumor that black fabric wasn't going to be produced any longer so I stockpiled it - black linen, black wool, black cotton, black silk, black knit - you name it, I have it.

Some of the many pieces of black fabric that hiding in my closet.

What about you? I can't be the only fabric hoarder in the sewing community.

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  1. Oh yeah, I feel your pain, or joy, or bewilderment. How does it accumulate so quickly? Someone once posted on PR that they had a great wardrobe that was in flatfold mode. Truer words have never been spoken!

  2. I love looking at other people's stash - I love yours. In fact, I was needing some nice black knit for a top.... LOL

    I'm a self-proclaimed fabric junkie. I probably have a medium stash, only because I don't have enough room for anything larger at the moment. But someday, when I have my own sewing room - watch out!

  3. Hey, I have the same affliction. I tell myself I'm not going to buy ANY MORE while I'm carrying 3 sacks into the house. I'm running out of plastic bins!

  4. Anonymous4:08 PM

    You can hoard as much of that yummy stuff as you like. You are wonderful and generous. I have just recently found your blog but can't read as often as I'd like. My eyes popped when I saw your stash, I am trying to reoganize my sewing room and recapture it from my stash!!!!

  5. Anonymous10:04 PM

    I am with you guys, more fabric than clothes, more wool than shoes, more craft gear than car gear, yeah you guessed it single and without a life, thank goodness for good old Aussie sunshine and beaches.



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