Tuesday, September 19, 2006

McCalls craft pattern for a Boston Terrier dog

I rarely sew craft items anymore. But as I was browsing the new Winter 2006 patterns on the McCalls site, I came across this pattern (5258) for Parlor Pets designed by Marilou Jorgensen. I have to make the Boston Terrier for my friend. You see, her beloved dog, Patty, died Sunday night at home. Patty was a Boston Terrier and she was getting to be an old girl. She couldn't see or hear very well, but she still loved to chase the rabbits in the backyard and climb up onto the bed to sleep (and snore). She suffered a stroke about three weeks ago and apparently had another one Sunday night that was too much for her little body to handle. It will take me a few weeks to get this pattern completed, but by then I think enough time will have passed that this will be viewed as a loving memorial to Patty. Pin It


  1. How sweet! I hadn't seen this pattern before you showed it here. I hope that your friend will treasure your gift. It's so hard to lose a love...

  2. So very kind of you. The passing of a long time best friend is very difficult.



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