Friday, August 04, 2006

New patterns are out! Why do I continue to purchase more and more and more...

The marketing of the sewing pattern companies has definitely worked on me. Combine that with the ability to see the new pattern releases on the Internet almost as soon as they are released - well, the temptation is just too great. I eagerly await the new releases by the Big 4 - Butterick, McCalls, Simplicity, and Vogue - just to see what there is.

I certainly don't need anymore patterns as I already own hundreds and will never in my lifetime ever use all of them. And truth be told, most of the new releases are variations of patterns I already own. That's where the power of marketing gets to me. I love to see the latest pattern releases sewn up in the fabrics that make them look fresh and new (most of the time).

Last week Butterick released their new fall pattern collection and there are a few I must have. (Although if I had to pay the full price listed on the pattern I would certainly make do with what I already own.)

My absolute favorite is this skirt - Butterick 4859. I love the curves in the back of the skirt. I also like the detail of the contrast band that wraps around the entire skirt. I'm not sure I would make this in a tweed, but I do think it would be absolutely fabulous in velvet for the holidays.
Butterick finally hopped on the band wagon and released their version of the infamous Duro dress - Butterick 4849. I think I like this one the best out of all of the Big 4 versions. It is closer to the HotPatterns Hippie Chick dress which I was hesitant to sew because of potential fitting problems I had read about with other sewers who had tried the pattern line. The next pattern sale I will pick this one up and will sew it in the fabric I had purchased last winter to make the Hippie Chick dress as I would rather spend time tweaking a pattern line I've used extensively.
I like the sleeves and the plaid on this blouse - Butterick 4853 - but this isn't one I'll be making for two reasons. The silhouette isn't the best for me, and short sleeves won't be worn around here after a few more months. No reason to invest time in what I consider a spring/summer blouse right now.
This jacket -Butterick 4864 - has a very 80s feel to it. I actually like the yoke and shoulder design as it reminds me of a Vogue suit I sewed in the early 80s. I loved that suit. It was a Perry Ellis design. That jacket didn't button, but it had the same look with the bodice and sleeves gathered into the yoke. Come to think of it, that suit had gaucho pants also. Too bad I got rid of the pattern, but who knew it would be back 25 years later?
Another jacket I find interesting is Butterick 4863. The contrast lower band on the sleeve can go - I think that makes it look a bit costumey. However, I like the curved center front seam, gathered sleeve cap and belled sleeves. Probably because, once again, it reminds me of a Vogue suit I had made years ago.
I'm glad to see so many suits in the collection - I really enjoy wearing them. I'm not too fond of the collar on this suit - Butterick 4869 but I do like the back of the skirt.
Armed with the knowledge that new Butterick patterns had been released and my "wish list" I stopped into my local Hancock Fabrics store. I knew they had patterns on sale and was hoping it would be the Butterick. Alas, it was McCall's, which I had already told my self "no, no, no". But I broke down and came home with two new McCall's and a Kwik Sew.

The first is this skirt pattern. Did I need it? Nope. It's really a basic skirt when you look at it. It is just a straight skirt that has a faced waist treatment. The difference is the addition of three narrow, ruffled tiers added to the bottom of the skirt. Could I have made this with a pattern that currently exists in my pattern collection? Yep, sure could have. However, for 99 cents I get to enjoy the cover photographs, not mess with calculating the width and length of the tier pattern pieces, and I have the fabric requirements all calculated out for me.

The other McCall's pattern I purchased was 5179 - another "Sew News" dress pattern that I had seen when I glanced through the latest Sew News magazine at the library. It's actually a wrap dress and I certainly don't need another wrap dress pattern. However, I have a nice black rayon crepe that I will look great made into the version shown in blue with the wide contrast belt (upper right corner). I'm not sure what I will make the contrasting midriff and tie out of yet. Again, for 99 cents I don't have to bother figuring out fabric requirements or modifying pattern pieces from an existing pattern.

I also picked up an interesting knit top from Kwik Sew's new releases. It is pattern number 3434. The top has a draped front with tucks at the shoulder and gathers at the waistband. The waistband appears to sit at the hip and the front neckline is very deep and open. The top is designed to wear over another knit top. I have no idea what to make this one out of. I'll need to keep my eyes open for the right piece of fabric. I haven't sewn with Kwik Sew patterns in quite a few years, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the top comes together.

I wanted to purchase Butterick patterns on sale, but came home with McCall's and a Kwik Sew. I'll just wait for the next Butterick pattern sale to get that skirt pattern - who knows what else might be released to tempt me by then? Pin It

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