Friday, August 18, 2006

Just in case you thought I was joking about the poor fit of Butterick 4863 jacket

I would much rather post pretty pictures of garments I am proud to have sewn. However, I posted earlier about the fitting problems I was having with the jacket from Butterick 4863. Trust me, this is not how I envisioned this jacket would look!

It is described as semi-fitted, appears fitted on the model and on the artist's drawings. This fit is so bad, that I even went back to my pattern to verify that I had indeed cut a size 12 like I thought I had!

I gave up my quest to have this completed for my event yesterday morning as I realized it would take a lot of work to get the fit right. The sleeves are incredibly long, the waist is huge, the upper chest and upper back is too wide, the shoulder seam is too long and the armsyce is too low. In this photo, I have placed a 1/2" shoulder pad on my right shoulder (the left side of the photograph). It still doesn't take up the excess of the armsyce, and I had already sewn the seam 1/4" deeper than called for.

I haven't given up on the jacket yet. I think I can take it apart, recut where possible and then resew the jacket. I hope that produces a wearable jacket. I still think the style is cute and I have a piece of velvet I'd like to use for another view. Pin It


  1. Regarding the fit, all I could say when I saw the photo of the unfinished jacket was "Oh my God, it's awful." I thought that you had two choices, take apart and recut or toss. I am glad you are going to recut and try to complete the garment. It is so big, you probably will not have much trouble doing that. I am so sorry you had to change your plans as I have had to do so myself. Hope you had a backup plan that worked.

  2. I know - isn't it horrible! I will update my progress as I try and save this one.

  3. Whoa! Sorry your jacket is not what you thought. I just had a bad day today with a pattern that I thought was going to fit. Hopefully you can recover this and end up with something usuable.



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