Monday, August 14, 2006

It's Monday night and I need a black suit by this Thursday

Okay, I just found out this afternoon that I need a black suit for a media event this Thursday morning. I want it to be somewhat trendy and flirty. Of course, there is nothing in my closet that will work. Well, that's not exactly true, but I'd prefer something new.

So here's the plan. I need a jacket and skirt and I need it fast. I have two evenings to sew. (and that includes giving up watching Project Runway on Wednesday evening...) So tonight, once the after dinner clean up was complete, I dug through my stash looking for an appropriate piece of black fabric. Something with a nice hand - not too heavy, not too light. Something that would work in an unlined jacket and skirt since time is very, very limited.

I found a lightweight black wool/lycra blend that has been sitting in the closet patiently awaiting the day it would be the chosen one. Today is the day. As soon as I choose it, I placed it in my washer on the Wool setting. (Note to self - preshrink fabric and mark it as done before storing it!)
Onto the pattern selection. I noticed the other day when I was looking over the Butterick patterns I had purchased, that this jacket pattern (Butterick 4863) was unlined. I remember thinking, "oh shoot. I don't think I want an unlined jacket. I'll need to make a lining pattern for this." Ah, but tonight I was singing a different tune. Just want I need - a trendy jacket that is unlined. My plan is to make view B, the one with the curved front with eight buttons, gathered sleeve cap and bell sleeves. Although it means compromising on the seams finishes to get it done in time. I'm just not that quick of a sewer to be able to finish the seams as I'd like in this short of a time period. While the wool was in the washer I did an FBA to the princess seam of the jacket. There are only five main pieces to this jacket, so it really is easy.

I'm going to make this skirt (Butterick 4859) to go with the jacket. I plan on sewing view B, the one without the contrast insert. I cut this pattern out this past weekend as I have other fabric chosen to make the view with the insert. This also appears to be very easy to sew. Love the princess seams in the back of this skirt. I'll admit, I'm a bit concerned that I can't pull this off in time. I'm also concerned about wool against my skin as I usually can't wear wool unless it's lined. Stay tuned to see how much I can accomplish tomorrow after work.
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  1. I love the patterns you have chosen, I think they'll make a really smart yet trendy suit. Good luck with your speed-sewing! And don't forget to post pics when you're done!



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