Monday, August 28, 2006

Completed one of my personalized pattern catalogs due to no Internet access

Saturday morning started out great. I had a chance to sleep in, nothing urgent that needed to be done, beautiful end of summer weather... I did want to log into my email accounts before heading out for the day, and wouldn't you know it. No Internet access.

It was working fine Friday evening, but there was no response on Saturday morning. Hubby spent some time on the phone with our ISP's help desk, but they were unable to determine the problem. Which meant, no Internet for two days? That meant I couldn't peek at my favorite sewing blogs, or look at sewing reviews at, or browse the old patterns for sale on eBay, or be tempted to purchase more fabric from the great online fabrics stores.

So, you'd think that I would have gotten tons of sewing done since I was unable to access the Internet. But that wasn't the case. The weather was so wonderful that I felt antsy being indoors. The dog had long walks and we got the bikes out and enjoyed the sunshine.

However, when I did spend time indoors, I finally got around to filing my Vogue patterns numerically. Actually, it wasn't all of my Vogue patterns, only the ones in the large pattern envelopes. They have been in boxes all over the place and when I decide I want to use one I often have trouble remembering where I placed it.

Over the past six months, I've been working on scanning all of my pattern covers and then entering the information into a database so that I can find specific patterns. I have accumulated quite a pattern collection (okay, it's really a stash) that it was becoming difficult to remember where I had stored the pattern I wanted to use.

I printed a copy of the database and placed it into a three ring binder creating by own personal pattern catalog. I also saved the file as a PDF and burned it onto a CD. Now I can also easily search by style, year, pattern number or designer on my computer to find the pattern I want to use.

I still need to complete the rest of the Vogue patterns, as well as my Simplicity, Butterick McCall's and independent pattern company patterns. But I think that will wait until the weather cools off and I spend more time indoors.

Hopefully our Internet will be fixed by this evening so I can provide an update on the dress I've been working on. Pin It

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  1. You were productive! Though not really sewing, it was definitely sewing related.



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