Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Butterick 4849 Dress The next step: the sleeves

Between the workout at the gym and Project Runway (which will be airing in a few minutes) there wasn't much time to sew this evening. However, I was able to get the sleeves on and basted the midriff piece onto the bodice.

The sleeves are narrow. I realized this before cutting them and added width to them using the same pivot and slide method that I used to adjust the bodice. I tapered back to the original seam at the elbow. However, after sewing the sleeve in a 5/8" seam as is allowed, I tried the sleeve on and found it tighter than I like at the elbow. I took that seam out and resewed the seam in a 3/8" seam. I'm very glad I added the extra at the bicep.

After the sleeves were sewn on, I basted on the midriff band. At this point I placed it on GiGi to evaluate. I'm not sure I like the midriff band in the same color. I won't have a chance to sew for a few days so this weekend I'll dig in the stash to see if I have a piece of black velvet I can use of for the band. Of course, the dress will look different once I add some embellishment to the neckline band.

Oops, gotta run..I hear Project Runway starting. Pin It

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