Sunday, August 13, 2006

The 80s are back - just look at Vogue 2694 (c 1982) and Butterick 4864 (c 2006)

I wrote a few days ago some thoughts I had about the new patterns released by Butterick for Fall 2006.

I had written that the lines on this jacket pattern (Butterick 4864) reminded me of a suit I had sewn in the early 1980s. Here is the line drawing for the jacket by Butterick. Look at the curved yoke and set in sleeve with a gathered cap, and short jacket length.

Now, compare that to the lines of this Vogue pattern by Perry Ellis from 1982.

The same curved yoke, short jacket length (minus the peplum) and gathered sleeve cap. And it is paired with a full, split skirt and a button front blouse with a drawstring neckline. I must admit that I absolutely loved this pattern. I made it from a lilac woven something (I can't remember what the fabric was. However, as a young and poor single mom with two kids I'm certain it wasn't anything extraordinary!) The blouse was from an almost sheer cotton voile in a small print that coordinated with the lilac. Come to think of it I may have made this as an Easter outfit for myself. Then again, maybe not. I was always drawn to any shade of purple. This pattern was the first time I had attempted this type of yoke and I remember being very proud of the final product. Too bad I tossed the pattern years ago, although I would never have been able to use it as it was a size 6. Now that I think about it, I do wish I had kept the pattern - just to prove to myself that I did sew with a size 6 pattern at one time!

Anyway, see what I mean about the similarities? Whether we like it or not, the 80s will be influencing fashion for awhile.

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  1. Sharon ~ I would sooooo be using that Perry Ellis pattern right now! Ah the glories of a pattern stash!



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