Thursday, July 20, 2006

Vogue 8280 Fitted Dress - Beginning the Construction

I finally decided on a piece of fabric to use to try out this dress pattern. I'm a little hesistant on the design of the dress as to whether or not I will actually wear it (or rather have some where to wear it to) once it is complete.

The fabric that jumped out at me (while I was falling asleep the other night - does that ever happen to you? Some of my best ideas come to me in dreams or as I am just beginning to fall asleep.) It is a stretch woven with a slight black and teal pattern in it that was purchased over a year ago from Fabric Mart Fabrics . Sometimes, when purchasing fabric online, what you think you are getting and what you actually get are two different things as was the case with this piece of fabric. I lovely folded it and placed it among the rest of fabric stash where it patiently sat waiting for the the perfect pattern to call out to it.

There aren't too many pattern pieces, which is great! I spent some time alterations the front bodice piece to adjust for an FBA. The front bodice has a side bust dart and an underbust dart. I cut a front bodice, back bodice and one sleeve and basted it all together. After getting assistance in pinning the back together (where the zipper will be) I ran to the mirror to check the fit. There is actually too much room in the bust! Hah! That never happens to me. I also need to make the curved sleeve piece about an 1" wider so that when it is complete it will cover my bra straps completely.

So, the next step in the sewing adventure will be to redo the bodice alterations and resew the top muslin. Hopefully all will fit like a dream and I can continue on with the rest of the dress! Pin It

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