Monday, July 10, 2006

Two more days until Project Runway 3

But who's counting?

I actually missed the first season. In fact - gasp - I never even heard of the show until season 2 was ready to begin. I really must turn that television on more often, but it is so hard to pull myself away from my sewing machine (or this darn computer). I suspect I must have read about Project Runway 2 on the boards at PatternReview. Just think, if I didn't belong to that sewing community I might still be wondering what the heck everyone is talking about.

Anyway, I'm soooo excited! I am absolutely fascinated with the designer's ability to come up with a concept, a design and a finished product in the amount of time they are given. Heck, it can take me as much time to sew a blouse as it takes them to make a breath-taking dress complete with beautiful details (of course I am counting the time it takes me to make buttonholes so you do understand the length of time involved here includes major procrastination).

But wait! There's more! This season there is a designer from Minnesota - whoo! hoo! Again, I must have my head buried in the sand as I only heard about the Minnesota designer a few days ago on a local talk radio station. The hosts were interviewing a newspaper reporter who was writing a story on Project Runway 3, the Minnesota designer Katherine Gerdes and the Minneapolis fashion scene.

I wonder who will be this season's Santino Rice??? Pin It

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  1. My husband and I learned about Project Runway when we saw it on Bravo. They had a Season II marathon. We just finished the Season I marathon, just in time for this new Season III. We really enjoy this show. Such creativity.



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