Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sewing, Scrapping and Stamping - Oh My!

These three activities don't' seem as if they belong together but I assure you they do. At least in my home they do. I find all three of them to be a creative outlet and enjoy each one (sewing of course much more than the others!)

It appears I am not the only one who thinks that these expressive creative arts can overlap one another. About a month ago, I ordered an adorable stamp set called Pattern of Friendship from a co-worker who sells the Stampin' Up brand of stamps. Of course I promptly forgot all about the order. Until today that is! The stamp set arrived and it really is great! It looks like a vintage pattern envelop cover. I thought it would be a great addition on some scrapbook pages I am creating about all of my sewing projects through out the years.

Then, when I arrived home this afternoon guess what was in my mailbox? The August/September 2006 issue of Scrapbook Answers. I wanted to rip the plastic cover off and begin browsing the pages for new ideas, but I was a good girl and went to the gym with my hubby for a quick workout. Then we had to gas up the cars (ouch!) and buy groceries and make dinner and clean up dinner and wash dishes and .... well it was a few hours before I could find the time to look through the magazine.

Not only does this magazine give great page layout ideas and techniques but each issue includes an instructional DVD! I love that! So I leisurely browsed through the pages stopping to read a bit here and mark a page there, finally arriving at the very last page. Imagine my surprise to see the title "A Modern-Day Sewing Circle"! I did a double take as the word sewing jumped off the page at me. The short article was surrounded by photographs of thread and sewing machines. Turns out the editors of the magazine stopped by the Stitch Lounge which they described as a "hip, friendly sewing lounge to sew on fabric (instead of paper) for a change" and call it a "crop for the sewing community".

Score another one for sewing! Pin It

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