Friday, July 28, 2006

More patterns purchased for the pattern collection

Actually, I hope to sew these and not just add them to my rapidly growing collection. I began calling it a collection about a year ago so I could justify the fact that I buy sewing patterns and never use them. After all, many collections aren't items that are used. They are items that are purchased for the sheer pleasure of looking at them.

Joann's had Simplicity patterns on sale for $1.99 so I stopped by this evening to see if they had the new fall patterns out. I noticed they were up on their website the other day and a few really caught my eye.

There appears to be a "new" line of retro patterns and I had hoped to pick up 4044 and 4047. 4044 is a colletion of separates and I am drawn to the shape of the shoulder/yoke and sleeve cap on the jacket. I also like the waistline on the skirt and pant. Now that my exercise routine is starting to show results (very minor, but still results) I think I would be comfortable wearing a skirt with that waistline. 404 7 is another collection of separates. As much as I like the swing coat, I couldn't pull that style off. The skirt and pants appear to be a very basic, straight cut design. The shirt is what I would buy the pattern for.

I was also interested in a dolman sleeve top pattern (4020) and an outcoat pattern from the Threads collection (4033). Why I think I need an outercoat pattern when I have never had the slightest interest in making one it beyond me. I do know that I was intrigued by the detail on the collar of the version shown in pink.

While I wasn't able to pick up any of the new designs, I did pick up two patterns I had forgotten to purchase the last time they were one sale. One is a knit dress (4074) that has a number of different views - one of which is a wrap dress. However, I have so many wrap dress patterns that I probably won't sew that one. I purchased the pattern for the basic t-dress with the pleats at the shoulder line. I like the line of the dress, it appears to be fitted through the bust and waist with a slight flare beginning at the hipline.

I even have a knit in my stash that will be perfect for this dress. I just might put aside the summer sewing and whip up this as a fall/winter dress before the weather turns cold again. Pin It


  1. Thanks for posting those patterns, I'd skipped over them when I looked at the new releases. I do with that they'd just put a picture of the pattern cover rather than the single picture that they do on the websites, the number of times I've not liked the modelled outfit but wanted the pattern is untrue...

    By the way, the pattern you have as 4040 is actually 4044, 4040 is a cheerleading outfit! :o)

  2. Anna, thanks for pointing out that I had mistyped pattern 4044! I acually don't have much need or interest in a cheerleading outfit :-) I have corrected it on the blog entry.



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