Friday, July 21, 2006

Another Duro Dress Found - this one from the Sew Retro blog

I just came across another fun version of the "Duro" dress on the Sew Retro blog. It appears to be sewn using the McCall's pattern 5137. Another take on color combination - pinks and blues. I find it interesting all of the various fabrics that are being used for this dress.

I haven't actually seen anyone wearing this style dress. My only exposure to it has been in magazines photos and on the sewing boards. Hmmm, too soon in this part of the country? I'll have to wait and see. Pin It

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  1. I know that its because of my location that I have seen so many of these dresses ~ even a couple at my job ~ and I also know that by winter it will be passe here. Because I think they just throw out their old clothes and buy a completely new set every season ~ so where am I ~ New York City, of course!

    Sharon ~ this style will probably be around in other sections of the country for at least another spring/summer season so since it works for you, definitely make another one!



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