Sunday, June 25, 2006

Simplicity 4072 - the ending

The dress is done (almost) and I am so disappointed with the way it looks on me! Drat! While I think the style of the dress is adorable and I like the bold colors of the fabric I choose as well as the high contrast black bands, this is not a style that I can wear well. I still need to hem the dress, but the excitement is gone.

As I was completing the dress I needed to make more changes. I originally thought the tie in the back was too wide (it actually ends up to be the same as the finished width of the midriff contrasting band) so I make it half the width called for. Plus I made it from the dress fabric rather than the contrast band color thinking that once it was tied in the back it would have a tendency to pull downwards and the fashion fabric would blend in better with the back of the dress.

As you can see, that really wasn't a good idea. The designers knew what they were doing when they choose the tie fabric to be the same as the band. So I cut new ties out of black, removed this tie and resewed the side seams in the band. Much, much better.

After sewing the band to the bottom of the dress, I gathered the skirt and sewed onto the band. There was much less gathering than the drawings led me to believe there would be. I actually would have liked a little more gathers under the band - maybe if I try the dress again.

At this point I could hardly wait to try and on so I could admire how great it looked on me. But, one glance in the mirror told me this did not look so great on me. I tugged a bit here, and pulled a bit there, and tightened the back tie, and then loosened the back tie, but no amount of fussing did the trick. Plus, to make matters worse, the neckline gaped something terrible! I'm not sure if it is because of the way I did an FBA to the bodice or what, but I knew that it would have to be redone. Aaaaagh! So once again, I ripped this poor dress apart, took in the band at the center front and restitched it closed.

Normally, I would have tossed the dress rather than fix it, but I still think if I keep on my exercise program I may be able to wear this dress. G.G., who isn't shaped quite the same as I am, looks rather charming in the dress.

I think I'll work on the bodice piece some more and try the dress again, maybe in a silk or rayon in a nice fall color.

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  1. I would have made the ties black so that they matched the rest of the contrasting fabric bands.



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