Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Love this dress! Simplicity 4072

Simplicity just released their version of the Hotpatterns Hippy Chick dress. They are calling it the "IT" dress of the fall season - we'll see. I haven't been paying that much attention to the fall fashion trends so they just may be right.

I had purchased the Hotpatterns dress pattern when it was first released, but after reading reviews on patternreview.com I put the pattern on the back burner. To be honest, as cute as I thought the dress was (and after seeing Gigi Louis' version you'll understand why) I knew that I did not want to spend the time that would be required to figure out the alterations I would need. I was especially concerned about the sleeves - it seemed to be a common theme among many of the reviews from the Hotpatterns line that the sleeves were very small and that is one area that I sometimes have difficulty in adjusting with the Big 4 pattern companies already. I still love the Hotpatterns version and plan to make it at some point, since it does have some nice design details that this one is lacking.

This seems to be a popular style. Last month McCall's patterns came out with their version of this dress (you can see a few made up on the a Dress a Day blog). I planned on purchasing that pattern but just didn't make it to the store when the McCall's patterns were one sale (which is the only time I buy the Big 4 patterns anymore).

Now Simplicity introduced their version with the latest pattern releases. And how convenient, both JoAnn's and Hancocks were having a sale on Simplicity patterns right as the new patterns went up on the Simplicty patterns website! My first stop was Hancocks - but alas! they didn't have the new pattern books out yet. Oh well, the patterns had just gone up on the website two days before so I figured they just hadn't had a chance to get them out yet.

I patiently waited (actually I wasn't that patient - I really wanted to try this dress pattern) a week for the sale at JoAnn's then ran to the store with my pattern numbers in hand, only to find out that while they had the new pattern catalogs out, they didn't have the new patterns out! Aaaagh! I looked in every single pattern drawer thinking maybe they were hidden in an obscure place, which meant of course that I would be able to score this pattern if it proved to be really popular. Not only were the new patterns not hidden in any other drawer, I couldn't locate a sales associate to ask for assistance.

Well, I was disappointed, but realistically would I have sewn it before Simplicity patterns went on sale again? Probably not.

However, the next day I went to watch a niece's dance recital (awesome job Caitlin!) and on my way home my car just happened to turn onto the road that led to a shopping center that just happened to have a JoAnn's fabric store located within. It was fate - I had to stop and see if they had their new patterns out yet.

So, I prepared myself for the disappointment that I was sure to experience, and walked slowly across the parking lot into the (not crowded) store. I meandered casually through the aisles back to the pattern drawers. Dare I look? Yes, the new patterns were out and the drawers were fully stocked. I grabbed this one (and a few others for good measure) and restrained myself from doing the happy dance.

I realized that I didn't have the perfect piece of fabric for this dress (no, I'm sure there wasn't the perfect piece of fabric hidden in the closet - even thought the closet should be labeled a danger zone when the doors are open because of all of the fabric stashed ready to tumble out.) I browsed the clearance aisle since I didn't want to invest too much just in case the dress wasn't as cute on me as I thought it looked in the picture. I found a wild print with pinks and purples and greens and blues and yellow and...(sounds like the song from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Coat doesn't it?). Perfect! Now I only need to find some time to actually do the sewing! Pin It

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  1. I have this pattern, still have not buy the fabric to start working on this dress.



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