Saturday, June 24, 2006

Adorn - new embellishment magazine

Went grocery shopping this evening (blah, boring, blah) and found myself in the magazine aisle. The word "adorn" in big, white lower case letters on a bright red background was peeking out from behind the first row of magazines. The title intrigued me, so I pulled it out from it's hiding place and discovered a colorful, fun magazine loaded with embellishment crafts on the inside. Normally I head to the local library to see if I can read their copy of magazines, but this one went right into my shopping cart.

I was tempted to sit and browse through the colorful photographs and creative project right away, but -sigh- the groceries needed to be put away first. I rushed through that thankless job and promptly plopped down at the kitchen table and begin to page through the magazine. What fun! The first item that caught my eye was called trend watch: runway redo. It was a two-page spread on making a "Calvin Klein-inspired dress." Now, the dress is not something I would wear, but it was cute. The project used a purchased white summer dress and gave instructions on how to achieve the large white tie-dyed circles. Next was items to achieve the nautical look and a book review section (five books just on redoing t-shirts!). There were embellishment ideas using trims, embroidery stiches, crochet, beads, applique, and paint. A remake of a basic white button down shirt (this one I'm gonna try for sure), instructions for felt iPod holders (another one I'm going to do), a big bold beaded necklace out of painted and decoupaged beads (yet another project I'm going to have to do). Articles on thrift store shopping and having a fiesta. Of course I had to go to their website as soon as I glanced through the magazine to find the subscription information. The only bad thing (IMHO) is that you have to call to subscribe :-( Pin It

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