Sunday, July 05, 2015

I like it! Vogue 9112 aka the Marcy Tilton Cirque Dress

Let me start out by saying that I loved the design of this dress but did not expect it to work on my body type. Thank goodness that didn't stop me from sewing it as I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like this dress!
The dress pattern is  Vogue 9112, a Marci Tilton design known in the sewing blog world as the Cirque dress. 

I passed on the pattern when it was first released. And then I saw Mary's review.

Since I still wasn't completely convinced this would work for me, I choose to use a linen-blend from my fabric stash rather than invest money in new fabric. The fabric was purchased about 1-1/2 years ago from Fabric Mart Fabrics.  The fabric is somewhat stiff - and it has been prewashed - but it works. 
The dress was so much fun to sew!  Thank goodness the pattern comes with instructions as it would have taken me some time to figure it out on my own.
I found the armholes low in front, but that could have been due to not making a large enough of an FBA (full bust adjustment) alteration to the pattern.
I sewed a small in the shoulder/neck and tapered to a medium for the rest of the dress. I'll share a separate post on how I did my FBA for this pattern. I didn't add much, but I'm really glad I added what I did.

The length of the dress works perfect for me. Not too short, not too long.

The dress has side seam pockets.

I'm also glad I took time to layout the front bodice piece so that the darker portion of the fabric ended up along the bustline.
Most of the seam details are lost in the busyness of this print.  But I like that it just makes the print look that much more random.
I love the collar!  Isn't it cool? Amazing was a couple tiny tucks can do.

I added a little sizing tags. That way if I ended up giving it away the new owner would have an idea of the size.
I found these at Tuesday Morning in the sewing/crafting section.  A set of 24 woven labels for $0.99.  They were intended for children's wear, but you can't tell once the tag is folded in half .
So back to the dress: Love. Fun. Easy.

That pretty much sums it up.

Here's my little sewing buddy again.  You'll probably see lots of pics of this one as she's getting old, has some health issues, and we are spoiling her terribly for as long as possible.

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Friday, July 03, 2015

Red, White and Lace: Simplicity 1199 Pullover Knit Top

This Simplicity 1199 knit top is modeled by my lovely daughter, who agreed to be photographed wearing the top only if I did not show her face. I get it, while I think she looks beautiful 24/7 (and trust me she does!)  she said she was having a  bad hair/bad makeup day.
This top is a double layer top which worked out perfectly for the red striped fabric I used. The stripes are actually semi-sheer. Cool, huh?  I bought the red fabric at my favorite local fabric warehouse -- SR Harris -- without knowing exactly what I would sew. You never do that, right?
The pattern, Simplicity 1199, has multiple views and is designed for knits. I found it to very loose-fitting. In fact, I originally cut and sewed this top for myself, but when my daughter stopped by and expressed how much she liked it I gave it her. Honestly, it fits (and looks) much better on her than it did on me. If you sew this, think about how much ease you want and choose your size accordingly.
I sewed View D, but eliminated the crossover back.  I simply cut the back piece on the fold of the fabric and straightened the hemline.
The lace was an afterthought.  Once I had the top almost complete I though it needed just a bit more.
I've seen so much lace on tops in local boutiques that it made sense to trim with a flat lace.  Which was also purchased from my favorite fabric warehouse store. Notice that little orange dot? That's how you mark the price and yardage since you cut most items yourself at that place. LOVE that!
The tops is two separate knit tops joined together at the shoulders, neck and armholes.  I managed to misplace the instruction sheet while I was in the process of sewing this (must have been that day when I cleaned up my sewing space - that'll teach me!  so I can't speak exactly on the order of construction but I do recall it was simple to sew.

I started View B and decided I didn't like my color combo. Luckily my daughter tried the top on and decided it works for her.   Another blog post on this pattern will be coming soon.


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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Throwback Thursday: July 1968 Simplicity Fashion News booklet

 Simplicity Fashion News Featuring July Patterns from 1968. 
On the cover: Simplicity 7727 (shirt) and 7725 (skirt)

Simplicity 7717 (left) and 7724

From left: Simplicity 7714, 7720, 7718 and 7721

From left: Simplicity 7722, 7729, 7722 and 7722

From left: 7730, 7715, 7732 and 7713

From left: Simplicity 7731, 7727 (shirt), 7726 (hipster pants), 7731 and 7731

From left: Simplicity 7743, 7741, 7742, 7738, and 7744

From left: Simplicity 7736, 7734 (blouse), 7735 (skirt) and 7737

Back cover: Simplicity 7760 

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Vogue 9107 Colorblock Knit Tunic

This is Vogue 9107. The pattern is actually designed for "silk crepe, silk-like broadcloth, heavy georgette, matte jersey"but I didn't realize that when I purchased the pattern.  I just saw the design on the website and thought "oh! cute knit dress" and picked up the pattern without a thought of looking at the suggested fabrics.
I knew I didn't want to add a dart so I choose to go ahead and sew this in a rayon knit.   Instead of doing an FBA I added 3/4" length to the upper front bodice piece. I also did a slight forward shoulder adjustment and lowered the front neckline by about an inch. Because I used a knit I eliminated the center back seam and zipper. I didn't cut the bottom pieces on the bias.

Originally this was going to be sleeveless but oh my!  The armholes were so big!  I took the shoulder seam up by about 1/2" but I still didn't like how they looked. So I added short sleeves instead.  

By the way, the sleeves for this pattern are two piece. 
I cut and sewed my usual size so I'm not sure if the too-large armholes are due to the pattern drafting or my choosing a soft knit versus a woven fabric.

I like the simplicity of the design.
The shaped hem hangs slightly longer in the front than the back.
Sewing tip:  When I stitch neck bands I keep an eye on the left side of the band rather than the right to make sure the finished band width is even all around.
Overall, I like the top although I am undecided if I'll sew another or not.
I saved the best picture for last.  My little sewing buddy!  She is rarely allowed in this area behind our house (and never off-leash). She was excited to explore and was moving so fast from bush to bush that I had to scoop her up or I would have lost her in the underbrush. 
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Style Arc Flat Bottom Flo Floral Knit Pants

I hate the name of this pattern - Flat Bottom Flo. It makes me cringe just to type it. But I do like the finished pants which (unfortunately - ha, ha) fit me rather well.
 This is second pair of FBF pants I've sewn. The first was sewn from a solid color knit from FabricMartFabrics described as a scuba knit. The finished pants were fine, just a bit too large.  They found a home with a family member who looked fabulous in them.

 When I placed the pattern order, I was having a "I've gained weight and am not sure what size to sew/order" moment and ordered a size larger than I probably should have.  The pants fit well, but I find myself constantly pulling them up and there is a more ease than I'd like. And this from someone who really dislikes wearing tight clothing.

The fabric on this pair is a fabulous floral knit that I purchased at Colorado Fabrics (formally known as Denver Fabrics) in September 2014 when I happened to be in vacationing in the area.  I think it's a scuba knit but the hand is softer than the fabric I purchased from FabricMartFabrics.  

The design has a back yoke, elastic waist and the side seams are moved to the front.

Here you can see the front side seams  (where the fabric design appears to repeat).
The elastic is stitched in place on the inside of the waistband before the band is attached to the pants.
The back yoke on the pants.

They're really fun to wear. And so comfy! Even though they are not as tight as I would have liked, I find myself reaching for them frequently. After all, I want to wear them as much as I can this season because floral knit pants may look pretty dated by next summer!


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